Bountiful Song

Once upon a time there thrived an ardor in our breast,

That ever thumped its vibrant drum sounder than the rest.

Our calloused mind had yearned to bind the polyphonic toll,

But no dissent could circumvent the mandate of our soul.


There was no vigor ere the trigger aroused our sleeping heart,

There only was that muted buzz to masquerade its part.

But then did change our sickly vein into a thunderous roar,

That now will flow in sacred glow and beat forevermore.


Our hearty voice relays the noise that echoes through our bones,

An emphatic chorus ever before us in effervescent tones.

There hides no menace within the premise of our bountiful song,

Only our spirit and bounding near it this melody so strong.


Now we sing on mounted wings the glories of our Lord,

Who once bowed down below this ground but now has been restored.

We see his face and know his grace though not of our accord,

We kneel to God where saints have trod and he is our reward.

Our Never-Ending Dawn

Three days of darkness overwhelmed the sky,

And fear invaded us all.

Three days of nighttime smothered this whole world;

Unleashed the wrath of the fall.

All that existed was the color black;

The only emotion was fright.

Every soul felt a strong pull downward

There, in the absence of light.

No comfort or joy expelled the horror

But vanished along with the sun.

There was no sign or human prediction

As to when relief would come.

Ears were as deaf as eyes were blind;

Snatched up words were gone.

None could find or imagine solace;

We did not expect the dawn.

Terror and dread were thoroughly flooding

Even the purest of hearts.

Hopeful dreams were quickly snuffed out;

Memories torn apart.

But three days later, the horizon gleamed

A glorious, unknown light.

The sight was unforgettable:

The resurrected Christ.

Vacant darkness of the previous days

Was vanquished forever, gone.

Unfathomable, arose the Son,

Our never-ending dawn.

The heavenly light of Christ: bursting forth, glorious, overcoming darkness, eternal.

If Not Yours

This psalm is dedicated to my Grandma. Praying for you and love you. Get better soon!
I quiet myself before you, O Lord;
            in the midst of this life, I pause.
The chaos no longer consumes me,
            for, in you, I find solace.
No fear holds me in its grasp;
            no evil holds me in its clutches.
It is by your hand that I am set free,
            set free from this ravenous world.
My soul lies firmly with you, O God,
            and nowhere else may it be found.
My heart may brake within your will
            but my Spirit, by grace, is unbreakable.
Eternity is my home; not this world,
            eternity is my home, with you.
I am weak, yet you make me strong;
            stronger than ever before.
You are my fortress, my protection, my shield,
            and also my net of grace.
For if I stumble, you recover me;
            if I fall, you are there.
Never will I find myself alone, O Lord,
            because your Spirit dwells in my soul.
I sometimes falter in unreasonable doubt,
            but you, O God, are gracious beyond precedent.
You forgive me before I ask of it;
            not one is gracious like you.
This world is devoured by mayhem,
            but I am ravished by you.
This world is obsessed with shackles,
            but in you, O Lord, I am free.
In this glimmer of understanding I see;
            in this moment, O God, I see you.
This world is all around me,
            but I am not of it.
For now I am immersed in this chaos,
            but I am also immersed in your love.
And your love is not befuddled by chaos;
            rather chaos is overwhelmed by your love.
Your love overwhelms this world,
            and your love overwhelms me, O God.
You have placed me in this moment on purpose;
            you have placed me in this moment with purpose.
For your glory, O Lord, I will endure,
            and nothing will thwart your plans.
No evil, no fear, no chaos, no upheaval, no scheme,
            could ever overpower your will,
For you, my Lord, are omnipotent,
            and you, my God, are sovereign.
You reign over all the universe,
            beyond the farthest galaxy.
The stars are mounted on your fingertips;
            the mountains are grains on your palm.
No one can imagine your grandeur;
            not one can fathom your might.
You have, in your hand, creation;
            you have, in your hand, me.
My life and my soul are yours, O Lord;
            for I am nothing, if not yours.
All of my days I will seek you, O Lord;
            for I am nothing, if not yours.

O Hallelujah

O how you reign over earth and the heavens,

O how you cover the skies,

O how you rule so majestic and humble,

O Hallelujah we cry!


O how we long for the love that you lavish,

O how we rise on your wings,

O how we rest in the shield of your refuge,

O Hallelujah we sing!


O Father, O Provider, O Rock up above!

O Spirit, O Healer, O Hallelujah!

O Jesus, O Savior, O Author of love!

O Halle, O Halle, O Hallelujah!


O how you gave up your throne just to save us,

O how you came down to die,

O how you flood us with grace and forgiveness,

O Hallelujah we cry!


O how we sing out your praises for ever,

O how we worship our King,

O how we love you in all of your glory,

O Hallelujah we sing!


O Father, O Provider, O Rock up above!

O Spirit, O Healer, O Hallelujah!

O Jesus, O Savior, O Author of love!

O Halle, O Halle, O Hallelujah!

Prayer of Exaltation

Eternal, merciful, just, and marvelous Lord,

            who reigns on high from above,

            who washes the bloodiest of sins,

            who dwells in our innermost soul,

All praise and honor,

            glory and worship,

            life and breath

Be for Your Kingdom,

            in Your Will,

            through Your Son,

            from Your Spirit,

            by Your Grace,

            to Your Great Name,

For You alone are worthy,

            deserving, holy, and righteous,

            eternal, omnipotent,

            faithful, pure, and true,

            glorious, exalted,

            high and mighty,

            wondrous and marvelous,

            merciful, gracious, and forgiving,


            You alone are good.

May all things,

            every birth and death,

            all life and breath,

            every smile and tear,

            all hope and fear,

            every night and morning,

            all joy and mourning,

            every land and place,

            all mercy and grace,

Belong to You,

            and You alone,

Our Creator, Author, Savior, Redeemer, Groom, and Father,

            forever and ever,


O the Glory!

The Lord dwells in unapproachable light,

And still He beckons us to join Him.

No one is capable of laying eyes on Him,

But He longs for our undying gaze.

O the Glory!

He is deserving of the highest praise,

Though He graced this earth in all humility.

He is omnipotent and untouchable,

Yet He allowed us to nail Him down.

O the Glory!

He is the Lord on High, worthy of nothing but honor,

But He bestows His honor on us, the unworthy.

His ways are concealed for He is a mystery,

Though He reveals Himself in marvelous ways.

O the Glory!

The Lord our God is entirely unfathomable,

Yet He blesses us with discerning Spirit.

He alone is King and only He is immortal,

Yet He grants us His eternity.

O the Glory!

The Lord Almighty is beyond all boundaries,

And though limitless, He chooses us.

He is breath and hope and light and life,

And He wants simply to give Himself to us.

O the Glory!

Rest For My Soul

I lay down my burdens, for I am weary,

I set down my load, for I am weak.

It is enduring peace I look for,

It is rest for the soul I seek.


I see that your yoke is well fitting,

For such a burden I yearn.

I long to serve the gentle,

From the humble I long to learn.


You, the gentle, are merciful,

By you, the humble, I’m blessed.

In you my soul finds peace,

In you my soul finds rest.


Your yoke is just as you promised,

In you I’m finally whole.

Your burden is light as you promised,

In you I find rest for my soul.