The Garden

Darkness recedes as light pushes through,
Yielding to colorful swirls;
Vibrant greens blend with wonderful blues;
Born is a marvelous world.
Chasm and chaos succumb to the sound
Of the lovely songbird tune;
Melodious howls are likewise found
Serenading the moon.
The grandest oaks dip toward the fount,
Enjoying water so pure,
Then bending upward back to their mount
To accent the endless azure.
Oranges and yellows intertwine with pinks;
Life was never so fruitful,
But now as defeated blackness sinks,
Life grows ever beautiful.
The trickle of the brook that feeds the sea
Quiets the quickened heart,
Slowing a thump to a beat that will be
As sweet as the lime is tart.
Joy is abounding and life overflows,
Granting new breath on a whim;
The freedom to flourish blooms and grows
And oceans fill to their brim.
Forever the luscious and matchless design
Will replenish those that savor;
Eternal is this garden that brilliantly shines,
Just as its perfect creator.

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